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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Holiday 2016

Posted on December 20 2016

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Holiday 2016

Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List!

As wonderful as raindrops and kitten whiskers are, they aren’t exactly easy to gift for the holidays. Yet, there’s no reason why you can’t capture the essence of your own favorite memories with family, friends, or lovers by gifting some of our best-selling candles. Whether it’s a casual reminder of a first date that turned into a lifelong romance, a gentle callback to the luxurious relaxation of a past vacation, or an invitation to go off adventuring together, our fragrances will send the perfect message to everyone on your list!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but here at Kavaldon, we believe that a fragrance is priceless. Since scent is the sense most closely related to memory, these candles will ensure that your gift is both unforgettable and deeply personal.

LYRIC WOLF – When the nights grow colder and the days become shorter, the indoors can start to feel like a cage. Escape cabin fever with a liberating blend of Juniper Berries and Saffron that prompts even the tamest of us to run wild and seek adventure.

Gifting Suggestions: Outdoorsy acquaintances, fathers and uncles, and White Elephant gifts

EDEN – Embodying the sweet radiance of a summer romance, Eden’s delicious blend of French apple and jasmine is the lingering of a kiss on your lover’s lips. It is truly the perfect candle to keep your flame warm on those cold nights when you can’t cozy up together.

Gifting Suggestions: Lovers, partners, and spouses

HARPER – With a juicy mingling of Anjou pear and Mediterranean fig, Harper brings the heat of a European vacation to your home. Perfect for capturing memories of an exotic trip or for the would-be world traveler who is still saving up for that voyage of a lifetime.

Gifting Suggestions: World travelers, wanderlusts, teachers, and far-off relatives

HARMONY – Sometimes, we can get a bit overwhelmed by the never-ending activities during the holiday season. Elegant and calming, harmony offers the meditative experience of a yoga class or walk on the beach to ease tension and invite stillness during this especially hectic time of year.

Gifting Suggestions: Female relatives, colleagues, mothers, and anyone who could use a reminder to take some time for themselves!

HUDSON – It can be especially difficult to figure out just what to gift that special someone when a relationship is complicated or only just blossoming. That’s where the sensual scent of Hudson comes in—it can be worth weeks or even months of flirtation.

Gifting Suggestions: New lovers, crushes, and one night stands that you’d like to see again

KENSINGTON – Infused with saffron and leather, Kensington is the epitome of the tall, dark, and handsome man. The perfect scent for that especially masculine gent in your life, this candle captures all the essence of a smoking room with none of the snobbery.

Gifting Suggestions: Lovers, brothers, and particularly manly men.

ASHTON – With a fiery, eternal scent, Ashton embodies the exact moment when you look at your lover and realize you have fallen head over heels. Sensual but romantic, this candle reminds us that, just because a romance has lasted for years doesn’t mean it has to lose its spark.

Gifting Suggestions: Spouses, life partners, and long-term lovers

It can be hard to tell someone you care for how much they mean to you, but these fragrances embody the exact instance that exemplifies the beauty of your relationship. Give your friends and loved ones the gift of an experience for a fraction of the cost—capturing the wonder of travel abroad, the spark of romance, or the majesty of the outdoors with Kavaldon. Happy Holidays!

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