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Candle Care

Posted on April 11 2017

Keep the (Candle) Romance Alive: Candle Care Tips

Finding the perfect candle can feel like beginning a delicious love affair: you know that it won’t last forever, but you’d like to extend the rapture for as long as possible!

While every luxury candle will eventually run out of wax and wick no matter how well you care for it, these simple candle care tips will keep the romance with your favorite Kavaldon home fragrance ignited for as long as possible!

Setting the Stage

As with any affair, the rules fly out the window once you lock eyes with the object of your desire. You’re so excited that you let your raw emotions guide you, which is perfectly fine—even for candle maintenance!

While most candle upkeep requires keeping your wick trimmed and maintaining a calculated burning time, these rules don’t apply when first setting flame to that delectable new candle. Just this once, you can burn the wick as-is and soak in its delightful fragrance for as long as you’d like—preferably letting it burn for an hour or more for the wax to melt evenly.

The first time you light your delicious new Kavaldon candle, just really enjoy yourself! Later, you can make plans for upkeep to keep your relationship going strong.


Wick Maintenance

Think of caring for your wick as the foreplay in your candle liaisons—sure, even without trimming the wick, your candle will still light and the fragrance will turn your head, but the passion won’t be nearly as deep or memorable. To make your candle really shine, we suggest investing in a wick trimmer. Then, after each burning session, wait for the heat to die down before cutting the wick to 6.35mm (about ¼ of an inch).

You may even decide to trim your wick just prior to lighting, building the anticipation for the main event!

While it may not seem like much, keeping a wick trimmed will maintain your candle’s wick-to-wax ratio, avoiding ugly tunneling, soot, and mushroom-shaping. This one easy maintenance tip can make your candles last longer, smolder more brightly, and burn perfectly. Everything you want for your candle romance.

Wax Levels

Uneven wax levels are like uneven performance in the boudoir—they can be a real turn-off!

Luckily, even if your wax levels have become a bit lopsided, this problem can be easily fixed. Chances are that this unevenness has occurred because you aren’t burning your candles quite long enough—there should be at least an hour of burning time for each inch in the candle’s diameter (i.e., 3 hours minimum for a candle with a 3-inch girth).

A windy or breezy environment can also lead to uneven wax levels. So, if you like to burn your candle with a fan running or the window open, we suggest investing in some candle cappers. Not only are these decorative elements colorful and cheeky, but they also regulate the air that gets to your candle, keeping the burn even and luscious.

Tidying Up

As with all great romances, a night of passion can leave us looking a little ragged. Luckily, getting your candle back in tip-top shape takes minimal effort.

If you notice some black buildup around the vessel (the glass surrounding your candle), don’t panic. Most likely, this is just a little accumulation of soot. Simply dab a paper towel in some water and easily wipe it away to prepare your candle for its next delectable burning. Tidying up really is that easy!

Safety Tips

As easy as it is to get swept away by the relaxation, release, and bliss that comes with burning your favorite luxury candle, it’s important to stay as diligent about safety as you would in any other intoxicating or flammable setting.

To keep both you and your home safe, we suggest the following practices:

  1. Keep your candle within eye shot at all times.
  2. Never light your candle when you are at risk of falling asleep.
  3. Make sure that nothing flammable is near your candle when it is lit—including your own sleeves and hair!
  4. Keep your candles out of reach of pets and children.
  5. If you do light candles to “set the mood” in your boudoir, make sure they’re placed on stable surfaces at a safe distance from the bed itself. After all, there’s nothing like flaming sheets to ruin the moment!

Most of these tips are pretty self-evident but, if you’re as crazy about candles as we are, sometimes it’s worth taking a moment to remind yourself before lighting the flame. After all, while candles can really set the mood for a night of pleasure, you want it to be memorable for the right (sensuous) reasons!

Summer Romances

With these candle care suggestions, your favorite Kavaldon candles can last for weeks if not months longer than before, allowing your candle romance to endure all season long. Keep your favorite scent looking fresh and gorgeous with an even wax level, shortened wick, and soot-free vessel. Happy burning!




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