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Jet-Setting With Kavaldon

Posted on April 17 2019

Jet-Setting With Kavaldon

While everyone loves a romantic getaway or exciting ladies’ weekend, if you’re as obsessed with luxury candles as we are, it’s hard not to miss your favorite fragrances when you’re away. That’s why so many of us have begun travelling with candles. It’s rumored that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé take their collections of candles with them wherever they go!

Even if you don’t have your own entourage to help with careful packing and transport of your precious candles, we have some easy tips to take the scents with you and make your vacation one to remember. After all, what kind of a vacation is it, really, if you can’t bring your most beloved guilty pleasure along with you?

Packing With Care

While some candles are sturdier than others, they really aren’t meant to handle the rough and tumble of travel. Wax can crack and run, ruining nearby fabrics, while vessels can easily break. To make sure you don’t arrive at your destination with a suitcase full of disappointment, carefully package your luxury candles to ensure all your items arrive safely in one piece.

The first thing to remember is never to package two candles with their waxes touching, which can cause the wax to rub, break, and meld. To protect the wax, place larger candles in drink koozies (#travelhack) or wrap each candle individually in either an old cloth or tissue paper.

To add an extra layer of protection, you may want to place your candles in the middle of a carry-on bag, above soft clothing—with another supple item like a blanket or sweater on top. This allows for easy access (see our note on candles and the TSA below) and limited shifting during takeoff and landing.

Candles on a Plane

If at all possible, pack your candles in a carry-on bag. While you probably won’t have to worry about heat melting checked candles, the extremely low temperatures and extra jostling in the cargo hold can cause the wax to crack. According to recent TSA regulations, all candles are allowed in carry-on bags except those that are non-wax—gel-based candles, because they are technically liquid, are prohibited. But don’t worry, all Kavaldon candles are soy wax-based.

Even so, wax-based candles often appear liquid when viewed through X-ray equipment, so make sure that you can easily access them when going through security. You may even want to place your candles in a bin to make the process as speedy as possible.

When it comes to lighters and matches, the rules are a little trickier! We recommend bringing one book of safety matches, which can easily be replaced if lost or used. A single book of safety matches per person is permitted on all U.S. flights, while strike-anywhere matches and lighters are often prohibited.


Our Favorite Travel Companions

While you may not want to pack your favorite candle for a family trip or reunion-type gathering with lots of jostling bodies in close quarters, there are endless opportunities to treat yourself to some luxurious alone time with these gorgeous scents.

Ladies Weekend: Perfect for a weekend filled with pampering and bonding, Empress will make your hotel room feel like the royal chamber in your own Palace of Versailles. After an exhausting day of manicures, mimosas, and memory-making, take a relaxing bubble bath and allow the black pepper, tangerine, and jasmine scents of Empress to revitalize you. Remember: as the queen, your domain follows you wherever you go!

Romantic Getaway: Nothing sets the tone for a lovely romp on the town or through the countryside like a delicious and sensuous luxury candle. To complement a seductive evening of pleasure, pack away the deeply erotic scent of Eden. This luscious fragrance captures all of the idyllic elements of a verdant garden with notes of French apple, jasmine, and lavender, allowing you to reclaim a paradise in which clothing is prohibited.

Mixing Business With Pleasure: A breath of your favorite luxury candle is a great way to lift your spirits after an exhausting day of business on the go. Ask yourself: after all of your hard work, why not enjoy a night out of town at your company’s expense? Revel in your after-hours (not work appropriate) pastimes with the wildness of Lyric Wolf. Her hints of juniper berries, saffron, and black pepper offer just the right blend to make the switch from business to pleasure—whether alone or in good company.

Breathe In

Make your vacation replete with “me time” by bringing along your favorite luxury candle fragrances. We promise, you won’t regret it!

After all, since scent and memory are closely linked, you can always burn that candle after returning home to bask in the memory of vacation bliss.



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