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Pairing the Perfect Candle Scents With the Bedroom Space

Posted on December 29 2016

The Art of Room Pairings: Bedroom

Finding the perfect candles to burn in your bedroom can be tricky: after all, bedrooms often serve a myriad of functions that require different moods. So, in terms of room pairings, your best bet is to keep a few candles on hand to light at different points in your daily routine when you find yourself in the bedroom. Whether you’re getting ready in the morning, primping for a romantic evening, or winding down before getting your beauty sleep, there’s a candle for that!

Did you know that aromatherapy often has a positive effect on people’s health? It can actually help reduce anxiety, provide pain relief, and enhance quality of sleep. Light florals and citrus fruits are especially great for setting a positive mindset, minimizing stress, and improving your overall wellbeing—all key aspects of bedroom routines that involve prepping for or unwinding from your day.

Our three selections below will not only help you get a good night’s sleep, but also provide that morning uplift, set a sensual mood, and welcome visitors to your guest room.

Harmony: To help ease yourself into a full night’s sleep brimming with tranquil, joy-filled dreams, try Harmony, the olfactory equivalent of a lullaby. With top notes combining Mandarin zest, black currant, and raspberry fragrances, Harmony effectively melts away many of the factors that can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. The Mandarin orange scent works as an antispasmodic, soothing the respiratory system, while the raspberry notes ease away nausea and pain.

Just remember to extinguish the candle before your head hits the pillow!

Hudson: Looking to spice up your love life? Hudson’s delicious combination of juicy apple and fine brandy acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, driving your lover straight into your arms. Its hints of cedarwood and Labdanum take you beyond passion, instilling a profound sense of contentment, joy, and adoration.

Whether lit for a single night of seduction or to nourish a lifelong romance, Hudson is the perfect scent for an evening of sensual delight.

Harlow: While the perfect aroma can definitely heat up or cool down your night, Harlow’s layered bouquet of spiced black pepper, orange blossom, coriander, and cardamom offers a fabulous pick-me-up for the next morning. Delicate but striking, Harlow adds a sense of mystery and wonder to your mornings—you’ll feel like anything’s possible as this fragrance inspires creativity, combats anxiety, and relieves pain. The perfect complement to that obligatory morning cup of coffee!

With a scent that’s light and subtle, Harlow is also a great choice for your guest bedroom.

Look No Further Than The Three H’s

When preparing scents for your bedroom, just remember your Three H’s—Harmony, Hudson, and Harlow are the perfect candles to burn for your every whim within the bedroom space. Whether you’re craving a good night’s sleep, an evening of carnal pleasure, or an uplifting start to the day, these scents will strike the right tone and leave your sheets smelling amazing!

Best of all? These fragrances are versatile—while they’re great for the bedroom, they’ll also meld well with your changing routine: choose Harlow to accompany your morning shower, pack Hudson for a romantic evening away, or travel with Harmony—your go-to nighttime fragrance—to ensure good rest when jetting off to exotic locales.

Just remember, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom!

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