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Setting a Valentine’s Day Mood With Kavaldon

Posted on February 07 2018

Lighting the Flame: Setting the Mood for a Sultry Valentine’s Night


The true story of Valentine’s Day reminds us to mark the occasion and make some time for romance. As a priest, the man now known as St. Valentine covertly wedded young couples during an era when marriage was outlawed under the Emperor Claudius. After being sentenced to death for his unlawful actions, he reportedly wrote a letter to a friend’s daughter (his beloved? We’ll never know…), signing it, “Love, your Valentine.”


Many of us now celebrate the day by spending time with our love, but there remain two types of people in this world: (1) those who see Valentine’s Day as a cute excuse to send a crush flowers and greeting cards, and (2) the rest of us who see the annual event as an opportunity to turn up the heat in our sex lives.


If you’re like us at Kavaldon, chances are this special day acts as a chance for experimentation, risk, and playful abandon. After all, February 14th only comes around once a year!


And what better way to set a sultry mood for a more adult-oriented Valentine’s Day than with some true aphrodisiacs? Just imagine: after a fabulous evening, you head upstairs, turn off the lights, let the candle light flicker across your lover’s body, breathe in some truly erotic fragrances, and give in to your passions. The perfect end to a wonderful day.


Set the mood with some of the most sensuous scents from our candle collection and turn up the heat by lighting a flame or two.


Apéritif: Whet your appetite for an evening of pleasure with the subtle yet energizing fragrance of Ashton. This pre-meal scent ignites the senses and prepare you for the wilder aspects of romance yet to come. With notes of Agarwood and Sandalwood, Ashton brings the wonder of a starry night indoors, driving lovers straight into each another’s arms.



Appetizer: Step that one quivering toe into the evening with the delightful morsel that is Empress. With notes of spicy Black Pepper, succulent Tangerine, savory Rose, fiery Clove, and magnificent Jasmine, Empress designates you the queen of your domain and the bedroom (at least for the evening!), opening the door to fulfilling even the most carnal pleasures. Immaculate but sensuous, Empress calls lovers to the bedroom with her regal scent.


Main Course: Immerse yourself in a night of passion with the delectable Jesiree. This fragrance conjures the enigmatic quality of love, pushing us to demand more of our romantic encounters. Hitting all of the most popular notes of the holiday, Jesiree gorgeously blends arousing Coffee and Cocoa Bean, syrupy Caramel, decadent Rose, and steamy Oud. Be ready to crack a window—things are bound to get steamy…



Dessert: Dive into dessert with the titillating fragrance of Saint. Tempting those who catch its rich bouquet to take a bite of forbidden fruit, Saint lowers inhibitions and brings out the naughtier side in all of us. With biting yet juicy Pink Grapefruit, seductive Oud, spicy Cardamom, and indulgent French Cassis, Saint invokes reckless abandon to revel in the decadence of a delicacy you’ve been craving all night long. A night of pleasure to remember all year awaits you.


Digestif: Cool down for dreams of the evening’s sensual delights with the revelatory bouquet of Harmony. This scent’s mixture of Black Currants, Mandarin Zest, and Raspberry will etch the night’s caresses onto your very soul, ensuring that yours will be a romance to last the ages. Ease your satiated body into a deep slumber to awaken refreshed and euphoric from a love-soaked reverie.


Whether enjoying these candles by yourself (or with a fun new toy), with a lover, or gifting them in St. Valentine’s honor, Kavaldon offers the perfect complement to your Valentine’s night. Add some heat to your evenings with these truly sensuous fragrances—try layering more than one to prolong the feast.


Here’s to a sultry Valentine’s day and night!




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